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Private Lessons

Private Lessons are customized to meet your child's specific needs and scheduled at your convenience! Learn on your own machine, or you can use a shop machine. When your child is ready, he/she can pick a project based on his/her interest, and we will help your child successfully complete the project!

Young female posing in a black dress.

If you are interested in signing up your child(ren) for a private lesson, please fill out our very brief questionnaire! Return it with your deposit to: Sew and Show, 401 North Avenue, Garwood, NJ 07027. Stop by during our hours of operation to deliver your completed questionnaire, mail it in, or just put it in our mail slot during our off hours. You can download it here: Word Doc / PDF File.

We look forward to sewing with you!!!

* * * Please see details below for Registration and Cancellation Policy.* * *

Basic Hand Sewing Techniques

Your child can learn the basic hand stitches every seamstress or tailor knows! Lessons will include demonstrations and hands-on learning. Your child's Basic Hand Sewing Lesson will include the slipstitch, the overcast stitch, the backstitch, and the running/basting stitch. Your child will learn to blind stitch and the correct way to sew on a button.

Private Lesson: $60.00

Two kids smiling together while posing for a picture wearing the skirts they crafted.

Beginner Sewing Machine Lesson

This class will teach your child the basic operation of a sewing machine. Your child will learn basic sewing machine techniques in addition to how to thread a machine, wind bobbins, and load bobbins. Beginner Sewing Machine Lessons will include hands-on practice exercises and training. Training is available on machines in the shop, or you can bring your own machine and we'll teach you how to operate it!

Private Lesson: $60.00

Custom Private Lessons

Private Lessons will be customized based on your child's needs. We can offer combination instruction of hand-sewing and sewing machine training. All your child needs to do is tell us his/her needs! Would your child like to improve existing sewing skills, or does he/she need help completing a project? Our staff is happy to help you!

Private Lesson: $60.00

Young girl smiling while posing for a picture and holding a push pin in her hands.


Cancellation Policy

For more information, please contact us here.