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Girl Scouts

If you are interested in signing up your child(ren) for Girl Scouts, please fill out our very brief questionnaire! Return it with your deposit to: Sew and Show, 401 North Avenue, Garwood, NJ 07027. Stop by during our hours of operation to deliver your completed questionnaire, mail it in, or just put it in our mail slot during our off hours. You can download it here: Word Doc / PDF File.

We look forward to sewing with you!!!

* * * Please see details below for Registration and Cancellation Policy.* * *

Girl Scout or Brownie Service Award Sewing Class

1 session class. Ages 8 and up.
$20 class fee includes supplies.

In this class, students will complete a sewing project that could fulfill service award hours. Students will each make a felt bag for a beanie baby that can be donated to the Children's Specialized Hospital. They will learn different hand-stitches as well as how to sew on a applique and button!

2-hour class, $20.00 per student

Cost: $20.00

A young girl smiling and posing for a picture while sitting at a Brother sewing machine and sewing.

Scouts – Hand Made in the USA

1 session class.
$20 class fee includes supplies.

This two-hour class teaches basic hand stitching using needle, thread, and felt. Kids will learn various basic stitches along with how to sew on buttons while working on a fun project!

Cost: $20.00

Scouts - Machine Made in the USA

1 session class.
$25 class fee includes supplies.

If your troop has never sewn on a machine and would like to learn, this is a great opportunity for everyone to learn together! Kids will learn all of the basic sewing skills and have fun working on a project!

Cost: $25.00

A young, silly girl smiling for the camera with her stuffed animal resting on her head.


Cancellation Policy

For more information, please contact us here.